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This is probably one of the hardest subjects that a pet parent could imagine.  The thought of not being able to care for their pet.  Whatever the reason, relocation to a medical facility, long or short term nursing home stay, death of a guardian or financial reasons.  There are occasions where a pet owner has no alternative, but to surrender their pet.  But to whom?  Where would you start?

First, we would like to discourage you from placing a "free to good home" ad on various social media sites and online market place listings.  Why, you ask? You have no idea who you are handing your beloved pet over to. Even worst, the person you met on a social media site on popular online site could sell your pet for market research or use them as bait for fighting dogs.  

You may decide to place your pet with a trusted friend or relative to only be disappointed that they would not treat your furry friend the same way that you do.  Please heed the story of "Mike."  He and his girlfriend had been dating for awhile.  Things looked like they were headed for something serious.  They moved in together and a few years later, decided to get a dog.  They both loved and cared for the dog,until Mike and his girlfriend had a nasty break-up.  Mike had to move back home with his parents, who were not animal people.  His now ex-girlfriend no longer wanted the responsibilty of a dog, so Fido was in limbo.  Mike had a buddy with whom he had been friends with for many years.  He asked if "Joe" would take his dog until he got back on his feet.  Joe agreed.  After a year Mike's situation hadn't changed, he was still at home with his parents and he was missing the companionship of his dog.  Mike would go by the local shelter and volunteer from time to time just to help out.  He was a HUGE animal lover!  

Somehow, Joe and Mike had lost contact with one another.  Things had changed for Joe also.  He relocated to another state for his job, and Mike assumed that Joe had taken Fido with him.  One day, while Mike was at the shelter.  He saw a dog that looked just like his Fido.  He thought to himself, that couldn't be him, Fido is with Joe, but everytime Joe went passed Fido the dog would go nuts!  Mike couldn't belived the connection he had with this dog.  Mike had never gotten Fido microchipped and this dog was picked up in a distant area as a stray, so it couldn't be his precious Fido.  Fido, had a distinct heart shaped mark on his front paws.  When the two paws were together the mark would make a heart, and Fido would smile.  Because he was a pitt bull, people often mistook his smile as an act of aggression, but that was not the case.  Fido was a gentle as a lamb.

After a few days of convincing himself that THIS dog was not his Fido. Mike did something that only his dog would know.  There was a special song that he would sing, and Fido would chime in on the chorus.  The next day Mike brought his guitar with him to the shelter.   As he began to play the dog began to brighten up and wag his tail furiously.  Mike began to sing the song, still not convinced that this was his beloved Fido when he got to the chorus, the dog howled with excitement!  There was no mistaking it.  THIS WAS FIDO!  

Mike learned through a mutal friend that Joe had gotten a promotion and moved to another state.  Fido couldn't go with him, so Joe thinking he was doing the right thing placed and advertisement online "Free to a good home"  Someone came, met Fido and took him away.  Joe had no idea what was happening this person and the first time something happened Fido was out on the streets.  Had Mike microchipped Fido and used the ReHome site from Adopt-A-Pet both Mike and Joe would have vetted a potential adopter for Fido for his new forever home.  Fido was lucky.  He and Mike were able to re-unite,but there are millions of others dogs and cats that aren't so lucky.  

If you need to find a new home for your pet click this link: ReHOME My Pet and contect with thousands of suitable adopters looking for you!  It is safe and easy.  No meeting strangers at your home or a parking lot, and you get to make the final decision as to who is the best adopter for your pet.  Remember, that sometimes rehomed pets expericence stress temporarily because they don't understand what is going on.  In some cases they may run away trying to find their family having your pet microchipped helps keep them out of the shelter and reunited them with you or their new family.  It is that identity tag that never comes off~

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