Cause 4Paws Gary

Cause 4Paws Gary

Fabulous Pet Events

Every year Cause 4Paws Gary,INC. hosts a number of educational,informational, and interactive events for pets and their guardians.     We  continue to strive to raise the bar each year to fill the void of affordable services to our community.   We are proud to have earned the support of the following corporate sponsors that support our efforts to improve the lives of pets and their guardians.  

Pet Food Pantry    We are tickled PINK to have the support of RED ROVER to start a pet food pantry for Gary residents.  Their motto "Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care"  is in line with our goal to fill a void for pets in our community. While we are still looking for a permanent home for our pantry we will be hosting pet food assistance events at the Gary Public Safety Building.  Gary residents are encouraged to apply for assistance through our online application for faster service.  We will have volunteers available to assist residents with a paper application on site if needed.  You must bring your proof of assistance with you. Please see our guidelines before 

you apply.

Virtual Santa Run Fundraiser

Why are we excited about is run?  The Virtual Santa Run allows participants to  select the event in which you would like to help raise fund for 25 miles,50 miles, or 100 miles.    Pledge the amount per mile ranging from $1 per mile to $25 per mile.  Log your miles daily via text or email.  You may use a step counter such as FitBit, Healthy Step Counter, Treadmills, or the Best Friends App (Click Here) to calculate your daily miles.  Once you register, you can create a custome URL to allow your supporters to make pledges for your miles.

Registration opens Sunday, December 1st and ends Tuesday, December 31st.  You can race at your own pace, whether it is daily, or weekly, you will be amazed at how many miles you rack up in a day.  

 Create a team to help raise funds to support our pet food pantry.  We are in dire need of a cargo van to transport animals to the vet and pick up supplies, your support will help us reach that goal.   Have fun with it!  Race as a team including friends,family members and co-workers with each committing to raise and walk the miles selected 25, 50 or 100.  T-Shirts and medals will be mailed to the individual or team that raises the most money or completes their designated mileage first.  

Remember, you have 31 days complete the event!  

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Thank You!

STORE #169

946 Joliet St Dyer, Indiana  for supporting the Gary Pet Food                                                                                           Pantry

Thank You for your Support!

We would like to thank The Abraham Foundation and Spay/Neuter Indiana for their support of our Spay/Neuter program for small dogs and domestic cats.  The resources that you have brought to our community is invaluable.  Thank you for helping us make difference in our community to end the suffering of animals in the City of Gary.

Thank you to our friends at Wal-Mart for believing in our vision of a better pet community in the City of Gary.