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Our story

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When I started this project in 2014. It was merely because I had dogs and there was nowhere within the City of Gary that I could safely exercise my pets off leash. I began inquiring about a building a dog park, and the response was very favorable. I am a resident of the City of Gary as well as a business owner. I realized that my City did not have the abundant resources that other cities had, but the need for a dog park was still there. That is how Cause 4Paws Gary was born!


Being a Mobile Groomer. I could see for myself that the needs in my city was much greater than a fenced in area for pets and people to socialize. There is a real need that had to addressed. Our Animal Control Dept processes between 800-1000 stray animals per month. Why? Because when people are struggling, relatives inherit a pet that they have no idea how to care for. When there is a crisis, the first member of the family that feels the pinch is the pet. That is not just in the City of Gary, it's everywhere! We need services for the most vulnerable people that are struggling like our seniors, veterans, dis-advantaged families and disabled residents. The lack of affordable spay/neuter, health and wellness services for dogs and cats in the community has our local shelters and rescues overwhelmed.


The need for services in the City of Gary is real, helping to fill the void with low cost services, education and strategic partnerships to make a difference is where Cause 4Paws Gary,INC. comes in! 

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