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Cause 4Paws Gary

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Our Goal

"To improve the quality of life for pets and their guardians in under-served communities with responsible pet ownership services to reduce over-population,keeping the family pet in the home, and building dog parks to strengthen the animal-human bond."

What we do

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization. We hope to create an off leash community dog park in the City of Gary. Why do we need a dog park? A dog park offers a safe secure environment where dogs and their pet parents can exercise, and socialize with other pet enthusiasts. In addition, it helps to reduce excessive, barking,digging and other negative behaviors. All of these behaviors often times are the root cause of dogs being displaced.   Exercise in a dog park can also help to reduce canine obesity. Dogs are pack animals by nature.  They look forward to being in environment where they can be.....a dog!  Run, play, sniff, mark their territory and establish their position in the pack!

The best way to address many issues in our city regarding pets, is to use the dog park as a platform to bring much needed services to our community. That way we can begin an aggressive approach to correcting some of the issues, and people can begin enjoying pet ownership as it should be. 

In addition, our dog park will be the "Goto" place for Gary residents to get information about pet related events, workshops and services available in the community.

Our Mission

To end the suffering of animals in our community,prevent the spread disease between pets and people, and to educate residents how to be better guardians.

The success story

Since partnering with Neuter Scooter/Public Vet  and Spay Neuter  Services of Indiana SNSI  and Humane Indiana we have been able to host 3 clinics serving 244 cats in the Gary community.  The success of our mobile clinics proves that bringing the services to an accessible point within the community works!   .

Can I help?

Throw us a bone Cause 4Paws Gary,INC. is now  AmazonSmile,, Ebay for Charity and Paypal Giving Fund. If you shop on Ebay , Amazon or pay with Paypal  you can add "Cause 4Paws Gary,Inc" as your favorite charity, and they will donate a portion of your purchase to us. Upon check out  add us as your favorite charity and they will do the rest! Your shopping power will help fund our low cost responsible pet ownership services programs like: spay/neuter, canine education,pet nutrition, and grooming assistance services, pet food assistance,and our community dog park. It is just that simple to support our cause, add Cause 4Paws Gary, INC as your favorite charity and shop!