Cause 4Paws Gary

Cause 4Paws Gary

Fabulous Pet Events

Every year Cause 4Paws Gary,INC. hosts a number of educational,informational, and interactive events for pets and their guardians.     We  continue to strive to raise the bar each year to fill the void of affordable services to our community.   We are proud to have earned the support of the following corporate sponsors that support our efforts to improve the lives of pets and their guardians.  

Pet Food Pantry    We are tickled PINK to have the support of RED ROVER to start a pet food pantry for Gary residents.  Their motto "Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care"  is in line with our goal to fill a void for pets in our community. While we are still looking for a permanent home for our pantry we will be hosting pet food assistance events in each district throughout the City.  Gary residents are encouraged to apply for assistance through our online application for faster service.  We will have staff available to assist residents with a paper application on site if needed.  

Neuter Scooter  Our partnership with the mobile cat spay/neuter clinic proved to be extremely fruitful in 2017.  It is a convenient low-cost spay/neuter/vaccination service for domestic and feral cats provided by Dr. Peavy and her amazing crew. We are so delighted to have this clinic return to the City of Gary after a 10 year absence.  Her impact has been felt in the community to assist us in our efforts to reduce pet overpopulation in  our city.    Pre-registration is required.  NEUTER SCOOTER .  Participation is opened to all domestic and feral cat owners.  However, financial assistance from Cause 4Paws Gary, INC is limited to Gary residents.  ASSISTANCE

We would like to thank The Abraham Foundation and Spay/Neuter Indiana for their support of our Spay/Neuter program for small dogs and domestic cats.  The resources that you have brought to our community is invaluable.  Thank you for helping us make difference in our community to end the suffering of animals in the City of Gary.

Thank you to our friends at Wal-Mart for believing in our vision of a better pet community in the City of Gary.

Dog Park Community Forum-Thursday April 12th

We will be hosting a community forum to discuss an open grant that will be allotted to create an off-leash community dog park in the City of Gary.  We will be discussing slated locations, and amenities.  We will be meeting at the Gary Parks Dept 839 Broadway Ist Floor in the Green Room.  All interested pet owners are encouraged to attend. 

If you have old, broken electronics that your are not using, consider selling them or donating them to our E-partner.  You can donate a portion of the proceeds to support our organization while putting some cash in your pocket too!  E-Donation

Gary Pet & People Health Fair & St. Pup-Ticks Day Parade

This fair promises to be the best pet event of the year! We will features a variety of vendors and speakers about nutrition, exercise,coat care, dogs, cats and exotic animals.  We will have health screenings, tips and tricks for pets and their people. 

There will be a vaccine clinic, low-cost spay/neuter registration  our pet food pantry. and more!

Come strut your stuff with your well-dressed pups for gifts and cash prizes in our Annual St. Pup-Tricks Day Parade!

Limited entries available register early!

Doggy Parade

YES!  Your well-behaved pet is welcomed to attend!

To all of our dog park supporters...THANK YOU!! Your donations and volunteer hours at our clothing drives, and other special events means so much to us.  We hope that you will continue to support us as we move closer to making an off-leash community dog park in the City of Gary a reality!  Every community should have a park where dogs and their parents can play,make new friends and strengthen the animal-human bond.