Cause 4Paws Gary

Cause 4Paws Gary

No Pet Left Behind

Program Guidelines

Cause 4Paws Gary, INC has designed this program is to help reduce pet over-population  of dogs and cats in the City of Gary by providing residents with affordable, responsible pet ownership services to reduce overpopulation, and provide temporary pet food support .  The target group is those who are suffering from an adverse financial hardship, or are receiving assistance from the following agencies:

  • Major VA Disability
  • SSI/SSI Disability
  • Unemployment
  • EBT Food Stamp Assistance
  • Public School Free Lunch Program
  • Energy Assistance
  • Section 8 Housing. 

Participants must have a valid State issued photo ID that application address. 

All pets in the guardian's care must be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped to qualify for pet food support.  No pet will be left unaltered, or unvaccinated in the household.  We want  to stop unwanted litters,the spread of disease,and animals suffering in our community.  We want to make sure that No Pet is Left Behind due to the lack of affordable resources.

Feral Cat Caregivers:  Feral cats are wild or outdoor cats that  are unfamiliar with being touched by a human or caregiver.  In order to participate in this program caregivers must allow our team to humanely trap and transport all colony members to our mobile clinic or a partner clinic for services.   The cats are then returned to their base camp. No member of the colony will be euthanized unless it is the most humane option for the animal.  Managing the colony helps to stop inbreeding which weakens the animals immune system and promotes the spread of disease throughout the colony.

Have-A-Heart:The number of reported cases of heartworm and parvovirus infection in the City of Gary is alarming. Each one of these deadly infections can be prevented with early testing and vaccinations.  This program helps to provide an affordable full scale vaccine package that includes DHLPP, heartworm testing, and a six month preventative injection to protect dogs from suffering in our community.  

The service includes: 

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Pain Medication


Feline/Canine Distemper

Parvo/Bordetella (Dogs only)

Heartworm Testing (Dogs)

Six Month Heartworm Preventative Injection(Dogs)

Ear Tip (Feral Cats) 

Flea/Tick Treatment (one month) 


What Does it Cost?

Domestic Cats (indoor)   $55-60.00 

Feral Cats (outdoor)     $ No Charge 

Small Dogs                       $65-70.00 

Large Dogs                       $75-$80.00

Re-fillable cat litter pail      $    7.00 

Our program offers pet food assistance to Guardians for three months to help offset the cost of surgery.  Guardians currently enrolled in the program can re-apply for food assistance if needed.  Cat litter refills are available to current enrollees at each scheduled pet food pantry.   

We would like to Thank the Banfield Foundation for sponsoring our No Pet Left Behind Program with Flea & Tick Medication. Every pet that enrolls in the program will be treated at the time of surgery.  Preventing the spread of the flea & tick diseases helps to protect the pet and their guardian. We appreciate your support.